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Welcome To Cast-iron Fireplaces Direct

Cast-iron Fireplaces Direct offer a range of quality cast-iron fireplaces, timber mantels and accessories to suit the most traditional and contemporary of home settings. Manufactured in the time honoured tradition, we can offer you an individual cast-iron insert or a full package including a solid oak or pine mantelpiece, a pure granite hearth, tiles if required and burners for gas, electric and solid fuel fires. We hope you enjoy viewing our products and hope you can find a fireplace that suits your taste and home. 


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Cast-iron Care
Your Classic cast-iron fireplace should be stored in a warm, dry environment and remain packaged until the fireplace is ready to be installed. This will prevent accidental damage being caused, which will not be covered under warranty.

Your Classic casting requires only the minimum upkeep and it should remain in superb condition for many years. Matt back, graphite & polished finishes can be maintained simply by dusting with a dedicated dry paint brush.
Graphite is liable to leave marks on fingers etc. where contact is made and will need to be cleaned off.

Cast-iron products are vulnerable to rust and tarnishing if exposed to dampness or water. Avoid contact with damp cloths, wet plaster, wallpaper steamers, water-base liquids, furniture polish, etc. to the surface of the cast-iron. Should your fireplace became wet for any reason, dab it gently with a simple dry cloth. This should prevent any tarnishing or rust from forming.       
It is normal for some discolouration to occur to the working parts of the cast-iron fireplace. If discolouration is likely to cause some distress, especially if solid fuel is being used, use a black or graphite finish and remember that cast-iron is robust and can always be refurbished when not in use.

Graphite is liable to leave marks on fingers etc. where contact is made and will need to be cleaned off.